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1. Golden Retriever - Not as big as the elephants, the Golden Retriever is a smart, kind, playful and really loyal dogs. They are not aggressive, the Golden Retriever is very patient, that is why they are perfect for kids. Them needs a lot of physical exertion, but this an easy thing to achieve because fun to play with them.

2. Labrador Retriever - This dog breed is one of the most popular, and for good reason - It’s a patient, reliable, protective, and really playful dog. Labrador Retrievers has sweet personality, they are intelligence, smart and very lovely with child.

3. Poodle - Poodles are intelligent, very elegant and gentle dogs. They're great for families with children, as the sheds very little, however, require frequent grooming. Poodles are distinguished by good nature, patience and good partners for each child.

4. Irish Setter - Irish Setter is exceptional due to its red fur. They are very energetic and playful, loves to be with people. Irish Setters are great workout partners, companions, and spending free time is also very good with children and is not jealous. These dogs are more suitable for people who have a lot of space.

5. Vizsla - probably this is the breed that until now you have not heard. However, it is a dog which is one of the most suitable to live with children. Dogs are very loyal, affectionate, calm and quiet character, making it perfect for gaming with your little one. Vizsla dog breed is therefore rapidly trained to quickly learn new tricks.

6. Newfoundland - dog breed is a great life together with their children, because dogs are very caring, gentle, kind and patient. Even otherwise, they are called "Nature's babysitter". While Newfoundland and likes to drool but they want to live outside the box where a lot of freedom and space, but to be inside with their hosts. They are also excellent swimmers. This beloved dog so old and young and space, but to be inside with their hosts. They are also excellent swimmers. This beloved dog so old and young.

7. Bull Terrier - is a breed of dog that requires a very high physical exertion. Although it may not appear so but Bull Terrier is very suitable for families with children, because dogs are very patient, watchful and keep their owners. Bull Terrier advisers expected to grow families who have dog experience.

8. Beagle - was originally considered to be hunting dogs. But perfect for growing at home with the children, as there are breeds of the dogs who never get tired of playing. Beagle dogs are very playful and intelligent inquisitive dogs also demands much supervision as they need to frequently wash. Beagle recommended to people who can devote much time to their family pets.

9. Bulldog - are tough and clumsy dogs, but they are perfect for children, as they are very patient and can endure all your child teasing or pulling. This dog most often chosen as a second home-grown, because he is not trained quickly. However, it is still will be a great family member and loyal friend.

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